#V3 testnet #feedback best project testnet v3

After I tested the payment for the Dex feature…it’s very interesting and the nft feature is very good…we know that ZKSwap is a very good project, so in this V3 testnet, I think it’s very good to use it more easily and easily…the features are also interesting and efficient, there are various kinds of interesting features as shown below =>

more environmentally friendly…from swap to nft features, basically the best in my opinion…my hope is for ZKSwap V3 testnet to continue to be developed, so that it becomes the best and the best of the best…for all my friends who haven’t tried ZKSwap testnet V3, let’s try it, like making DEX and NFT payment transactions, it’s very easy…good luck friends…in this case I’m sure V3 testnet will be the best I pray for ZKSwap testnet V3 :pray::pray::pray::pray: