#V3 Testnet #Feedback blindguy222

Firstly I found it easy to connect to the network fast loading times.
minting the nft was a smooth process all in all was good a little bit of lag
but I think that was due to the rinkeby test net and not the actual website.

Sometimes the wallet would not connect when you go to unlock wallet it just did nothing just would not connect between mmask and zkswap

Swapping on the dex was really easy can see all your layer 2 balances although sometimes they did not load deposit and withdrawing to and from the test net was just lightning fast I have been used to the high gas fees and slow transaction times so this is just so so so much faster and testing on v2 the gas fees are near to zero!

The signing process and connecting to the wallet was again buggy but due to the test net very easy and smooth when it did work.

The process of uploading the nft was quite fast I would of loved to of had the choice to have bigger files sizes.

The user profile is really good to have and to set up took under a minute , only problem I had was that the user profile drop down was bugged and it did not drop down smoothly enough for my liking and sometimes the links were just not clickable at all.

The nft mall could do with different categories like for instance Christmas, anime, life that was missing from the mall part of it a good set of filters can make life so much easier to find your nfts.

Searching by the NFT ID was really really responsive, no latency took me straight to my nfts.

What I would like to see on the nft side of things is to have some form of copyright protection for people as Just minting and putting on sale i noticed they had gone and people were minting them for themselves passing them off as there own work for the nft prize and I am the original creator of those images.( I did contact an admin on telegram as it is wrong and unfair to mint my original work as there own).

The explorer is so easy to use you can literally find anything in a super fast speed the layout and gui is easy to use

The l2 pool and layer 2 swap was so simple to use transaction speeds are lightning fast for this swap part of it, the liquidity part is nicely set out and very familiar .

The settings button is extremely simple compared to other it lets you easily set the slippage i like the horizontal layout of the tab, the fee token can easily be changed,

One thing please please WE NEED A DARK MODE :wink:

Switching between the different versions was really simple and fast

All in all This is game changing for the crypto space very excited to learn how to use all of this even in this stage its highly impressive

ZKS to the moon lets go!.