#V3 Testnet feedback# by jfgedeon

I’m not new to ZKSwap, but I found myself on the V3, however the test platform was the opportunity to discover the upgrades that have been made on the new ZKSwap V3. I especially like the visually enhanced block explorer, which will include all transactions.

Getting started was easy for me because my account was well supplied with test tokens. All the exchanges that I was able to make went smoothly and with a certain speed.
With the L2 Wallet, I was able to:
• view my balance;
deposit, send and withdraw with several assets from normal one-off transactions;
• have an overview of the last three transactions.
Regarding this last aspect, I would reduce the size to differentiate the transactions from the rest.

The only downside I would have concerns the NFT wall that I think should be improved. I would put five pictures instead of three on the wall to make it more ergonomic.

Since it is often difficult to create or acquire an NFT, these new services can therefore simplify the approach of making NFTs more accessible by building user-friendly interfaces.

Why not add social features at the same time that open up possibilities for conversation and discovery?

Zkswap is an ambitious project that stands out for its accessibility. It could open a door to the world of cryptocurrencies for beginners, but also delight insiders.