#V3 Testnet Feedback# by larv

Possible improvements of the testnet/product:

  • for some reason the price of eth was not correct when transferring from L1 to L2 (minor)
  • When looking through possible NFT’s to buy it would be nice to be able to select per currency what wich NFTS are available (eg select ETH, only ETH nfts pop up) or an addition that lets you pay with another currency but instantly swaps to the currency the seller wants
  • The wiki/manual us useful but i prefer it to be incorporated IN the product, every tag has a hover function that displays text what it is and how to interact with it. This is especially important for new people
  • the option to pay the fees in a different token should be customizable with every transaction instead of selecting a general option - possibly a warning or marker how many similar transactions are possible
  • the sell nft page should be revamped or a direct link from the nft inventory to the nft sell page should be possible , right click or something similar. that way selling and inventory management is more fluid
  • the mining menu does nothing
  • adding liquidity is not always possible, maybe this was disabled
  • the past transactions tab would do better if it also incorporates names of sellers, name of nft, gas etc. aka more info
    that was all good luck with further development. Overall a smooth and fun experience, maybe add some options to use NFT’s or past purchases as background, something to add flavor to the page as it is quite tight blank at the moment
    Wallet: 0x02Dcbf712D22D3a24A9e040Ae3632e0b6FFe68D5