#V3 Testnet #Feedback congrats zks and team

After I tried all the features of zks, all of them felt satisfying because the programs that zks had launched were easy to reach and browse for us users. But it would be better if zks programmed it so that the coins could go up even more and be able to compete in the crypto world so as not to lose to other new coins. And I feel quite satisfied with zks because in a short time it can develop rapidly and well.
I think that’s the input I can give,
And hopefully in the future ZKS will be more advanced, known among crypto circles with good events

I look forward to its evolution. First of all, good and perfect zkswap V3 team. It was the first zkswap layer swap and nft layer platform I used and I’m really excited for the first testnet v3. Simple UI which is a good thing for new users who are already struggling to understand payments and purchases. With transactions quite fast, although sometimes slow, or maybe my signal is poor, Especially the Deposit function to layer 2 is very smooth. The swap feature also works flawlessly. I’m just facing the problem that I don’t receive the trial token. Although I got it from another faucet but it can be a problem for new users. And offcourse this zkswap needs more tokens but I’m sure it will be added later. NFT in part 2 is a very good idea. I’m looking forward to its evolution. I hope it continues to be improved for this V3 so that it can be even more perfect… the perfection of zkswap V3 is my hope, and hopefully it will be the hope of all of us, including the zkswap v3 team… good luck with great work ( V3 ZKSwap)

The interface is very attractive, very smooth, but the design and themes tend to be white, it would be nice to apply the dominant color in v3 with blue as in v2. here I rate Overall, this is a great and modern experience because in v3 it has become a complete market in it with the addition of nft market features, so I believe this can make zks more recognizable to the public which makes consumers more interested in using v3 this and very powerful that uses almost all features including swapping, listing, providing liquidity.
The L2 set is great, no lag at all, and just a few bugs in the swap but this whole ZKSwap V3 swap is unbeatable. congrats zks and team have delivered v3 for us.