#V3 TESTNET #Feedback Create/sell/buy NFT tests (right and wrong)

Hey, ZKS Team!
Here is honest feedback on what I was able to try on.
So I tested all functions of NFT Marketplace. My explorations on this are next:

First of all, creation of NFT feels light and understandable. Good job. There was some misunderstanding when I first come to mint page. Too many “unlock wallet” buttons - try to focus user attention on the one that he should push. After I figured it out - next steps was easy enough.

I filled my profile, then I uploaded NFT and put it on sale with no problem, all was rather clear. It was already even bought by some fellow user. This section worked smoothly and without any delays, nice one!)

To check buy option I went to marketplace and tried to buy NFT, but here I received an mistake when made a purchase. I chose NFT with price in ZKS (2 units if to be precise) and tried to buy it. No success, even system confirmed for me I bought it, there was no mention of this in transactions history. I double checked and tried to buy it again. No use.

Then I tried to buy NFT for ETH and it worked in moment! It was in my collection like in 20 seconds not more. So I suppose problem is in ZKS price of NFT. Please, check it and fix, sorry if you already know of a problem.

Also, It will be nice to add Search in NFT section. Maybe you are planning to do so, but still as user I really want to have an opportunity find NFT I want to buy. Now its look chaotic, it is easy to lose yourself there =)

Finalizing - great job for now! You are doing great, and I hope with help of community you will make this project even better. Little things to fix, little things to solve. We are with you, guys. Keep going, cross fingers for you!