#V3 Testnet #Feedback - Day 2 comments

#V3 Testnet #Feedback - Day 2

I have a MacBook Air running MACOS Monterey with Chrome browser.
I also test using any old iPhone 7.

I had tested the V3 on December 12th. Although the experience was enjoyable, I had little practice and I had some issues with the upload of my image as was as minting the NFT.
I believe it was related either to the network or with my Metamask.

I decided to create a XMAS NFT today. I found the process ultra smooth this time.

I just clicked on NFT > Mint NFT. Then entered the title, clicked on the large square to add the image. This time I have imported a 9kb image in PNG format. For may previous NFTs it took some time to add the image, but this time, it was almost instant. I also added comments in ‘About this NFT’, and included properties.

The mint process was also very quick and I could see the NFT under My Profile.

I can also search it by adding its token ID 12841. You can have a look at it. It’s a good one :slight_smile:

Similar to what I had done yesterday, I put it on sale. This is also an easy process.

I went to User Profile and select Sell NFT. You can select the price, but I used 0.1 ETH this time. Instantly, the NFT was put on sale. I could see it either under my profile, but also using the NFT Mall.

In the future, will there be additional filters and sort to find NFTs? For example price, type, etc…

I did more searches too. For example, my first NFT that I put on sale got bought and I could see it in the new owner’s NFT wallet. I also found all the transactions related to the NFT. I like that I can see the price chart for it.

I had a very good experience today navigating through the V3 app and it was flawless.
This is a great project and really happy that I could participate in the test.

My L2 Wallet: 0x3563868a116b5ba230620bb1d71686c97e5d0575