#V3 Testnet Feedback# @Edison6611

First of all, I want to talk about my feeling of use. Let me talk about some good aspects first. The website has a good UI/UX design. It is very convenient for users to use. Secondly, the efficiency of interaction is very fast, and the transmission speed is very fast, whether it is the process of swap or mint nft. This is very advantageous compared to other websites of the same type.

However, there are still many problems. First, the network delay is not sure whether it is the user’s reason or the website connection problem. This requires the team to conduct multiple tests. I shouldn’t have this kind of network lag in Australia. This also caused me to load slowly when using the website. I try to open the website and load it every three times. Second, the question about the navigation bar. There is too much content in the “More” navigation bar, which is difficult for me to read. I think it can be subdivided, for example, all social channels can be individually grouped into a navigation bar. Finally, when I wanted to try to sell my nft, I didn’t find the “sell” button. I thought that a “sell nft” navigation could be added next to the interface “mint nft”. This facilitates the user’s sales. In addition, when I entered the nft market, I didn’t have a powerful search function. I could only find related nfts through nft id. I think you can add tags, for example, nft related to ape, nft related to characters.

The above are some of my views, I hope to be helpful to the improvement of the website.

L2 address:0x7C387009Cd22c5e4e41AbD812A30d269A5521C62