#V3 Testnet Feedback# Experience the v3

The experience was good with no functional bugs, and the transfer speed and NFT purchase delay tests were also fast, better than my experience on other platforms!
No search, sort by time, filter, sort by price.
Teams can trade NFT at a very high rate with zero commission. This is a good thing, since swapping ZKS for NFT tokens requires a lot of gasoline.
V3’s UI looks much more comfortable than V2’s, and it’s a work team, which I love.
Since I am a loyal pledge 360 user, I expect GZKS to play a decisive role in V3.
Very friendly to new people, very simple to create NFT, the first time to create NFT is very fast, did not feel any difficult to operate.
It is a very pleasant experience to use. The information is clear and accessible, perfect for trading and activity visibility.