#V3 Testnet #Feedback Experience V3

Hello ZKSwap

    I am honored to be able to participate in your test. This is the second time I have participated in your test. I have seen your improvements and upgrades. It is very beautiful, but I can’t say that this upgrade is perfect. I will give it to you after the test. To make a few comments,

1.The theme this time is quite perfect. Of course, this is not a particularly important issue. I haven’t found the classification of nft, maybe not. I like the color of the picture very much.
2. In the transaction, I found that the reason for the failure may be Gas, and the balance may be relatively small. Therefore, an error transaction occurred. If the user does not pay attention to the balance, transfer the account. Even the Gas is not enough. Click the maximum value continuously. It can be transferred out, and an error will occur after the transfer out.
3. When I enter the NFT, I don’t know if it was specifically recommended to me, all the same, or just issued. Here you can mark him so that users can better use the NFT function.
4.It will be very slow when cutting into NFT. I guess it is related to the speed of the webpage. When I open other pages, it will be very fast. It should be improved. If it is not, I will reinstall my browser and read it. Look, I hope the official can answer it.
5. The transaction fee is still a bit high, I hope it can be improved.
6. Whether the faucet has been drained, is not sending out, but it shows success, but I waited for two days and did not put it in my account.
7. I found that the swap between ZKS and USDT is only applicable to ETH. Swap with other currencies can save fuel.
8. When switching between versions, there is a freeze, very slow, very slow, and there are still situations where the connection is dropped.
9. The font size, I don’t know if it is related to my computer, anyway, my font looks uncomfortable
10. I hope that NFT can provide a collection function to facilitate future purchases.

This is all the feelings I got from this test. ZKSwap is very careful and cares about the user’s feelings. Thank you ZKSwap for giving me the opportunity to test this time-----Good luck :smiley:

wallet :0xf1C3b5624Ebaa9FE913b2C8365EBc0b2351598e0