#V3 Testnet Feedback# Feedback on V3s features

I will split this into multiple sections reviewing the function, UI and ease of use of ZKSwap’s V3 features.

Overall it is a good experience but not without some headaches along the way.

  1. General Bugs/Issues I encountered:
    There were some bugs on the site I’m not entirely sure why some of them happened but I can at least report them.

One glaring bug was how the website would seemingly crash and I would have to reload the page or return to the homepage (L2 Wallet page) to make content work or reappear.

More specifically:

  • Sometimes while navigating the NFT page (normally when I opened the “User Page” button everything would freeze and I could not interact with any of the content.

  • This would also happen on the swap page and nothing would load until I went back to the fix I mentioned but with no cause seemingly.

Another issue is Mining page didn’t work, don’t know why. I wrote more below.

When entering the page on the wrong network using metamask the page would not detect when I changed to the Rinkeby network so I would have to refresh the page manually. I think it would be a nice feature if the web app detects the change in networks and refreshes automatically if this is possible. Some other sites I use have this feature.

  1. L2 Wallet

At a glance, it is easy to use, looks good and does everything a wallet should do.

Showing not just the amount of an asset I hold but also the value of them is very nice. Also showing the overall value of my assets being at the top of the wallet is a great way of seeing any changes in my portfolio quickly.

The ability to hide any dust (assets at a value of $5 or less) is always welcome to hide the UI.

Some suggestions are:

  • Maybe some kind of graph to visualise the proportion of assets quickly.
  • A 3rd tab to break down mining details alongside the LP tab.
  • A little indicator to show the change in the value of my assets either positive or negative and how much percentage they changed.
  1. L2 Trade
    3.1 L2 Swap
    I encountered no real bugs or issues with this. It works well and all information I need to know is there from what I am swapping to the price of each asset etc…

3.2 L2 Pool
It works well and most of the information I would need to know is there. Adding and removing liquidity is dead simple compared to other services I have used too.

One suggestion is maybe to add a breakdown of all rewards would be a nice little addition.

  1. NFT
    Creating, Buying and Selling NFTs is dead simple. I like the creation feature, the different formats you can upload as well as the descriptive and tagging features I can include are cool. It is nice to see a breakdown of the NFTs transactions too.

One suggestion would be the ability to search through tags and maybe greater categorisation of NFTs so I can find something I would specifically want.

This page however probably had the most bugs. Above I discussed the sporadic freezing sometimes only being fixed after I refreshed or went back to the home page.

Another issue that usually centred around the “User Page” button was that I could only click on the “Sell NFT” Button after expanding it. The “My Profile” and “Transactions” buttons would only be clickable after I clicked on the “Sell NFT” button.

  1. Explore
    It works well and I could track every one of my contract interactions and transactions just fine. I would probably move the navigation button for the explore page to after the “Mining” page button though as this takes you off of the main V3 web app pages which is a bit confusing.

  2. Mining
    This page just straight up doesn’t work, I don’t know why. Maybe this wasn’t meant to be tested.

In my firefox browser console, it spat out this error: "Loading failed for the with source “https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=“placeholder”.

I added the placeholder at the ID part of the URL since I’m not sure if that displays any sensitive data

  1. More
    Takes me to all of the right places it works.

In conclusion,
Really nice work, I love what you’re doing and I hope to see any improvements you make. I hope this feedback is of any use even if these bugs have been reported before me.