#V3 Testnet Feedback# Feedback on ZKSwap V3.0 Testnet

Overall the ZKSwap promises to be a very good protocol which will solve a lot of the current problems in DeFi most notably high gas fees, speed of processing transactions and high throughput.
The Testnet was a seamless experience, but I noted the following issues which I deem necessary to bring to the teams’ attention to further improve on the UX.

Deposits to L2
There are no issues with making deposits but I think it will improve user experience if a slider with which to select deposit amounts or maybe about four percentage choices in which a user can select to choose a deposit amount of his assets (e.g 25%, 50%, 75%, Max) just like is the case when removing liquidity from the L2 Pools.
This same concept can be applied to L2 Swaps and when adding liquidity to L2 Pools.

NFT Wallet
Though we already have the “Sell NFT” command under the USER PAGE, it would be nice and convenient to have the same “Sell NFT” command under the NFT Wallet (L2 Wallet). NFT Wallet currently has “Deposit NFT”, “Send NFT” and "Withdraw NFT’ only. It would be ideal to have “Sell NFT” also.

NFT Mall
The team should consider adding ‘SORT’ commands here. Whether a User wants to sort NFTs’ for sale by lowest price, highest price, mint date, most popular, Creator name etc it should all be possible and be done on the UI.

User Page - My Profile
I appreciate the fact that there is already a Homepage web link for the NFT Creators. But maybe it would be a good idea to add a couple more contact details for the Creators like an e-mail address and twitter handle. Most small time Creators might not have websites as yet. This may be crucial in cases where a Viewer want to contact a Creator.

NFT Auctions
The team should also consider introducing an auction type model when Creators sell NFTs.
Under current “Sell NFT” in User Page, only a fixed price can be set. There is no alternative to set, for an example, a tolerable price range by the Creator.
This might be a bit rigid for NFT Creators and NFT Buyers who are willing to negotiate on a selling price instead of a one take it or leave it fixed price.

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