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Test feedback:

  1. Lack of multilingual support
    With the development of economic globalization, if you want to become a big brand, you can’t just be satisfied with the English market. Now more and more defi agreements have begun to think about expanding markets in various countries. This is a good idea. However, if you want to develop your brand and business overseas, you must make good use of the Internet to create momentum and attract traffic for yourself. If the zkswap website wants to expand its influence and acquire global customers, then it is necessary to consider establishing a multilingual website so that users from all countries can smoothly access and understand your applications and business. Multilingual websites have many advantages. This can be achieved by determining the access ip

2.Lack of an animation to guide the creation of nft, not suitable for novice operation, although the familiar operation is very smooth, but it is best to take care of new students

3.When the exchange transaction is completed, the money displayed on the platform has not changed, it is very slow, hope to speed up the refresh of the web page

4.It seems that you can’t create nft directly. I need to create an author package first, and then create an nft. Is it better to have a hint, because I didn’t know at the beginning, it wasted a lot of time

5.There is no adaptation for multiple devices. When I am an Android phone, the picture on the web page is too big and the text is too small.

6.Bulk purchase of nft is not supported. When a whale needs to scan goods at a low price and buy a bunch of nft, this function is particularly important.

7.Nft lacks copyright protection function, and report function
The protection function is mainly to protect the rights of the author and prevent misappropriation
The reporting function is applicable to all users of zkswap, nft or infringing content that is not suitable for disclosure should be removed
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