#V3 Testnet Feedback# feedback test

v3 ZKSwap was easy to use and solved many problems usually faced by daily user, wallet interface was great but also you can’t upload a picture via drag&drop, but only via the search and after uploading the picture, there was no functionality to delete it and upload another one and thirdly add options for multiple mints rather than single, but there were still few minor lags and i wasn’t able to mint nft because initially it was showing insufficient balance and later on was showing a error message , i hope the issue will be rectified and a very smooth and seamless final app would be there , with this i hope great success for the project.

my add- 0xc225e38abefdd8063c1ddcb0bfaf9eb55f11426e


Yeah, i have almost the same impression as u have.

Looking forward to Launch.