#V3 Testnet feedback #From a newbie's view

I still consider myself a newbie to this whole thing. Having your guides really helped me a lot with navigating the platform. It is awesome knowing that while you are learning about the platform you will be incentivised that’s why you will make an effort to complete the tasks and motivates you to really understand what this platform is all about. Connecting my wallet was of course a piece of cake but to actually test everything getting eth on my Rinkeby test network took awhile since most of the faucets are offline but after a day i was able to get my wallet funded. since that is done depositing my eth was actually very easy i tried to mint my NFT and it failed it said my l2 wallet’s funds were not enough so i did my best to get more eth and the next try I successfully minted my NFT and it was very easy. That had me asking if it is also this easy minting somewhere else? I minted another and i also created a token ( bear in mind I’m still trying to grasp everything) it did not have any value i suppose it needs to be listed. I also tried providing liquidity for on a couple of pools ( it would be better doing that on Mainnet). I updated my profile and minted an NFT with a Christmas theme to it. Overall I learned that all of the tasks were very easy even for a noob like me. Good job to the dev’s in making this project which is user friendly and gets the job done. I’m thankful for being a part of this community.