#V3 Testnet #Feedback good testnet V3

When I used the ZKSwap V3 testnet, it was pretty good and good… a lot of improvements have been made after the v2 release and a lot of improvements need to be made in V3 this time. I would like to note some points after using it in V3 testnet this time. Hopefully the long waiting time for the deposit is quite long, the deposit is approximately 15 minutes into the L2 wallet and also when the withdrawal is long too, the same as depositing approximately 15 minutes into the L2 wallet, my advice is that the deposit process must be accelerated, so that we can quickly make other transactions in V3, both deposit and withdraw. Coin recording time will be solved when the mainnet will display user interference which is interesting and also looks cool. And swap transactions which I think are good and not bad are easy and fast, I admire the swap in zkswap V3 is better than other swaps. providing liquidity and clearing liquidity working fine my first swap completed but last time when i went to swap from ETH to ZKS after clicking swap…it didn’t redirect me to the metask It gave me an “unknown error” I thought there should be a prompt before every transaction about reminder token to use for transaction fee bug report and social link added in more awesome options. wait for launch and use after that, and i can finish swap easily, all problem can be solved in swap. then the NFT transaction, from starting to make NFT mints, the NFT print for the trial that I sell is also pretty good, close to perfect, the problem of buying it is really difficult for me to buy, because my balance is not enough to buy the existing NFT, and I’m trying to find cheap NFT that I can buy it here, after 2 days I just found an NFT that I can afford,

I tried with my L2 balance to buy it, and finally bought it. The transaction is the same as the one I sold, the process is very fast in my opinion. well that’s my impression using testnet test in V3 that I did. My suggestion is that the Mainet V3 will be better and more perfect, even though I think this V3 is already good. Congratulations to the ZKS team for the work that has been made (V3), hopefully it will be the best of all the existing swaps. purse:. 0xABb3987D5469815d2b4D608DCbDd245Ef16f1EBA