#V3 Testnet Feedback# Great experience trying ZKSwap V3!

Tried out ZKSwap v3.0
Great experience! I like the UI, NFT Mall and L2 Trade tokens.

Fast transactions in Deposit, Swap, Add Liquidity, Send and Withdraw.
It’s easy to mint, sell & buy NFT.
Overall ZKSwap is easy to use, especially for me as a beginner.
Great job ZKSwap. Can’t wait to try the Mainnet version :blush:

Need to improve and add:
• Increase the speed of the Deposit & Withdrawal process, in my opinion it is still too long for our funds to enter the wallet.
• Added more Coin/Token options.

• Added options for Editing and Deleting NFT.
• Added Filter feature for easy search.
• The NFT search section needs to be simplified again.

L2 Address: 0x657c1124Ca5259cB78E2e6d15aB925cc6f69937d