#V3 Testnet Feedback# homogeneous

Comments and suggestions:

Can the 0.nft function get some activities to fight for NFT and attract new users? The second layer (L2) expansion ecosystem of Ethereum has begun to flourish in recent months. It is now more clear than ever that over time, most NFT activities will migrate to L2. Although there are a series of extended solutions, the most prominent are called “layer 2” because they work metaphorically on Ethereum. These L2 serve as the external execution layer of Ethereum because they provide high throughput and low latency for Ethereum based transactions, although they are located outside the Ethereum main network.

  1. Can the NFT function set an official white list function? The items on the white list can publish NFT with low gas fee through ZKS

  2. Does it support an NFT advanced search function? At present, only name search can be found, but the introduction to NFT will not be found. I really want to realize content search

  3. Whether the user can give a high gas and recharge eth quickly. In L1 transaction, miners can realize fast transaction by giving a high gas fee. Can zkswap realize fast recharge by giving high gas? Sometimes recharge is slow and it is difficult to trade. This is more user - friendly

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l2 adress:0x4bb3aB9Aeb22Cb2683CA271C9B8b48C12C47A888