#V3 Testnet feedback#Honest review

I already tried V3 testnet. Since then i was thinking how can I write my review about it? I was speechless after trying V3 testnet. How can one platform provide all services without bugs? Trust me I didn’t find any bugs on it. Testnet should have some bugs but here there are no bugs available. It is super smooth. Without facing any problem I tested all its features.

Here are some reason why should you try this also?

supporting features like unlimited token listing, and giving open access to Layer2 network with ZKSwap’s gas-free transfer feature and exchange services

the dynamic configuration of Layer2 system parameters can reduce the withdrawal time from Layer2 to Layer1 significantly. The platform can also optimize the circuit branches to improve circuit efficiency. The community governance policy, which recently has been published can empower the community to properly apply gZKS governance tokens.

supporting ERC721 token standards, NFT token transfer and exchanges. It is also Support Layer2 payment SDK, and facilitate seamless access to wallets exchanges and payment service providers.

It support unlimited nft minting without any gas fee.

ZKSwap aims to make continuous breakthroughs by launching Layer2 lending and stable currency exchange service; developing a general EVM model based on ZK-Rollups to realize the programmability of Layer2, a general EVM model based on ZK-Rollups by constructing a circuit on the EVM instruction set and connecting with more partners to promote the property of the Layer2 DeFi ecosystem.

Users fully own their own assets, and transactions do not require authorization which protects user privacy and account security. Users can also add any token and create trading pairs on their own with a flat fee; and we will support 0 gas fee airdrops and offer a seamless trading experience with instant payment feature.
Hope you guys understand this. Don’t forget to try it.


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