#V3 Testnet Feedback# idea

I’m excited to have been with ZKS for almost a year now. The team has been doing their best to keep up with The Times. It’s a great project.

  1. I re-experienced the functions of V2 and V1 from V3, except that the handling fee from L2 asset sale to L1 increased. I wonder if it is the reason for the Ethernet test network
  2. Experienced the newly added functions of V3, the current version is too simple and there are many functions to be improved in the future, personal suggestions: You can add NFT to the same series of packaging system, otherwise it will be too messy, and you can add classification and filtering when searching, these are all necessary things for NFT platform, other functions implemented so far are well done, the experience is perfect, no bugs
  3. This is an aggregator set NFT as one of the project, I hope the future is getting better and better, can be compatible with the game platform and life as one of the project, you can add a batch of early IDO whitelist way to sell to celebrate the v3 official version of the birth of the activities, ha ha this is my imagination, the project side can see the adoption of the following, thank you