#V3 Testnet #Feedback - I'm happy

Hopefully this can help the ZKS team in updating and can be responded to well, then launch the mainnet in full

Hi ZKSwap, here im about to share my review and feedback for the team with my very first time using zkswap V3.

First I want to talk about the interaction with the V3 platform
The deposited section from L1 to L2 tends to load over and over again when depositing.
It failed the first time and I have to check my balance after it showed me it was successful, but unfortunately it didn’t change anything so I have to re deposit again before it eventually deposited and thats not even the worst part, the worst part was that it took a long time before it could reflect on my balance.

When looking through possible NFT’s to buy it would be nice to be able to select per currency what wich NFTS are available (eg select ETH, only ETH nfts pop up) or an addition that lets you pay with another currency but instantly swaps to the currency the seller wants
The wiki/manual us useful but i prefer it to be incorporated IN the product, every tag has a hover function that displays text what it is and how to interact with it. This is especially important for new people
the option to pay the fees in a different token should be customizable with every transaction instead of selecting a general option - possibly a warning or marker how many similar transactions are possible
the sell nft page should be revamped or a direct link from the nft inventory to the nft sell page should be possible , right click or something similar. that way selling and inventory management is more fluid
the mining menu does nothing

I’m happy with all of this Thanks you ZKS Team