V3 Testnet Feedback ( Johnjob)

**I am really glad to be part of this project, Its really an honor to me.

First I want to talk about the interaction with the V3 platform
The deposited section from L1 to L2 tends to load over and over again when depositing.
It failed the first time and I have to check my balance after it showed me it was successful, but unfortunately it didn’t change anything so I have to re deposit again before it eventually deposited and thats not even the worst part, the worst part was that it took a long time before it could reflect on my balance.

The second Problem I encountered on the platform was the swap section

I expected the amount of eth i wanted to swap to other token to over dollar value below it, but all i saw was the eth value alone. I will be glad if you can work on that.
That made me had serious problem when i was trying to create liquidity.

Those are my observations

Regarding the NFT Minting

The NFT minting was the best, it was really stress free.

I enjoyed every bit of my time I spent on the NFT section and I also gave it my best.

General feedback

I know you guys are doing a great work, but from what I can see and I know that this project will go a long way I had like the time to work on the site response, there is a king of a little delay when asked to connect to wallet for transaction.

You have to make your platform worth the time people spend on it.

As I said from the beginning, you guys did a very good job coming up with such an Innovation in the crypto world so I congratulate you on your success and wish you best of luck.

This is my zkswap L2 wallet address below