#V3 Testnet #Feedback Looking good on PC

Only issue I had was finding the switch from mainnet to test net. That obviously wont be an issue when its launched of course. Getting the faucet to send funds took about twenty minutes so no issues there. The interface itself had issues loading when I first visited the website. Refreshed over and over again but nothing would load. I eventually clicked on L2 wallet then refreshed and after a few tries it loaded. I visited the site again hours later and the loading issue came back. After finally getting it to load however, I am now unable to unlock my metamask wallet. Perhaps the testnet is down or something. Both in the L2 wallet page and the unlock wallet button on the top right would not work. Id click it and it showed me the different wallet options but I couldn’t click on any of them. It’d show it being pressed then nothing. That eventually worked after trying a day later so again i figured things were down again for maintenance or something.

As for the general feel of ZKswap, after getting past the previously mentioned issues, I find it very intuitive. Swapping tokens was fast and easy after it loaded up the page. The minting process was easy to do as well. I believe The ease of this will incentivize people to mint NFTs thus building and supporting the network/ecosystem. I noticed that the rules on copyright were in need of more details. I know we can’t steal art from others but can I mint somebody else’s face? Do I own my own image? Since the repercussions could result in wasted funds to copyright lawsuits. perhaps a more detailed explanation of whats allowed should be posted somewhere.

The slippage is something I’ve never heard of before an I believe the explanation is sufficient for crypto swap illiterate people like myself. I’m guessing the pools provide liquidity to the coins and would lower slippage but that isn’t explained anywhere that I could fine. Maybe have more of an explanation of what pools actually do somewhere. If you do have I couldn’t find it.