#V3 Testnet Feedback# Major Upgrades Needed

Testnet V3 has been amazing. Seemless and snappy performance. Just 3 major upgrades needed to bring ZKswap to the next level:

1: Easy 1-click Token Import
Include a simple “+” icon beside every token in the dropdown in L2 Swap, like in major DEXs like Uniswap. This allows users to import tokens that want to trade/hold in their wallet. The major issue right now is visibility: Testnet and L2 are different from mainnet, so most tokens will not be visible in metamask and currently, they need to be manually added which is tedious AF. Make it easier for everyone and add this 1 click solution. In the homepage of ZKswap, there should also be a menu/directory/list of all of the tokens ranked by popularity/liquidity to allow traders to easily import multiple tokens.

  1. First-month liquidity incentives
    The single factor that drives DEX volume and hence success is liquidity. This shit makes or breaks a DEX’s launch. And the tricky thing is that liquidity flows in a positive loop that reinforces itself; traders see more liquidity and trade/ add liquidity there etc etc. I propose that ZKswap add ridiculous liquidity incentives across all liquidity pools/pairs in the first month of launch. Like 10 times of the usual incentives in the first month, after which it wanes to around 2-3x in the second month before returning to normal. With this, there will be massive inflows of liquidity being bridged onto L2 at mainnet launch.
    Alternatively, boost liquidity incentives outside of the top 20 token pairs. These are usually neglected and have lower liquidity, ending up with high slippage which turns traders away.

  2. NFT platform features
    ZKswap should borrow a page from the OpenSea handbook and implement their features that make them the top NFT platform. FIrstly, add a dashboard near the top when searching for NFTs, which stats such as Floor Price, Volume, Number of holders and total in circulation. Makes it easier to see at a glance whats hot or not about this NFT/ NFT collection. Speaking of which, ZKswap should make it easier to mint a whole collection of NFTs instead of having to make them one by one manually. Single NFTs are cool but most of the hype is around whole collections/series by established artists. Minting NFT collections should also have large discounts on minting fee. I.e. 5 USD for 1 NFT, 0.05 USD for each NFT in a 10,000 NFT collection. Finally, a NFt gallery should be added in the wallet to display NFTs in the wallet in all its glory.

Just my 2c :slight_smile: , otherwise ZKswap v3 is easy to use and ZK-rollups are the future.


Just one more thing:
Hope you guys can fix the error messages so they appear in english instead of chinese

Actually bugging me out