#V3 Testnet #Feedback(marshy)

Hey,first of all thank you very much for giving the opportunity to let me test your platform,i like the idea when there is incentivized testnet which attracts the people as well being very honest here. iIhave been using zkswap v3 testnet for an hour now, it is very smooth and flawless when it comes to transaction confirmation.
The function keys are quite visible, and it’s simple to discover what you’re looking for The delivery is quite convenient, requiring only one click to complete; The NFT layout is quite obvious, and the explanation is extensive, making people feel very at ease. The purchase of NFT is likewise accomplished in a single click, with a very low and quick processing charge. but there is some things i would like to add on while minting nfts. Even if you have already minted one it lets you mint again that same nft you own already. so this is a kind of major bug i would say , i hope the team will try to fix this as soon as possible Also if you can add to search nfts by its attribute would be very helpful.
On the NFT Mall, I may provide the following feedback - I’ve noticed that:
The previews are too big for me, and I’d prefer to see more at once.
You can’t search by name, title, or description since I missed a categorization.
The purchasing procedure was very simple.
The SWAP functionality have very few tokens. ZKS, for example, may only be exchanged for USDT or ETH; it cannot be exchanged for other tokens like UNI or USDC. As a result, the exchange cost will be depleted.
UI is quite impressive , but there is one thing that is missing is night mode, night mode really helps when you use zkswap at night.
All the very best for the future
my wallet address: 0xf7cd1836e41B705C05f614f20b38F98e5CD1CeBb

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