#V3 Testnet Feedback# MetaMask works, little things didnt work

The website offers a pleasant view, in itself also easy to understand, even if I had to try several times when creating the NFT, it worked well.

What I did not quite understand, how it should work, that the airdrop from step 1-7 and step 8 (here in the forum and Twitter) is merged.

The confirmation times are ok from the speed, the redirects work as well.

Uploading and publishing the NFT was also very easy.

Only the sell, buy the NFT I have not yet fully understood, that I still manage It is for me the first deal with such a platform.

Until the tokens, NFTs arrive in the layer 1 account, I feel with 20-40 minutes very long.

The sent tokens just do not all appear in the layer 1 account.

After 2 hours

I can’t still find the withdrawled NFT from Layer 2 in my L1 wallet. I forgot to enter the price for my NFT. Then I create another second

By the way, I found the Airdrop at AirdropAlert on Twitter

The respective wallet connect via MetaMask was also very easy and had to be done I think three times.

The Rinkeby Test Network I had to add manually in MetaMask, if you know how is also no problem.

Connecting the wallet to Twitter was also easy, but it would be helpful to add a note to step 8, which refers to step 4, so that you can also post something about ZkSwap via your registered Twitter account.
I didn’t quite understand if I should tell Twitter directly about zkSwap or about my feedback from the forum.

The faucet was understandable and worked right away, the tokens were immediately credited to the L2 ERC20 wallet account.

What seems a little incomprehensible is the transition to step 8 and the zkSwap forum, here I miss as mentioned above the connection to the wallet, it is not obvious that the forum profile and the wallet belong together.

Overall, I find the website well designed and the airdrop is time-consuming, but you are also forced to deal with the platform and some of what I wrote here, clarifies itself over time.

I am very excited to use the platform under real conditions, for starters everything seems well thought out and has also been constructed well understandable for the user.

Thank you very much for letting me be a part of this.

I wish the team all the best and much success.

Wallet: 0x49bEAF8605EA582D8afed7E0920f29a8aDdf90Bb

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