#V3 Testnet #Feedback My experiences

Everything goes well for me but few improvements can be made to enhance user experiences.

  1. While depositing ETH in L2 its doesn’t show proper valuation according to market price of ETH like sometimes its way undervalued ETH and sometime too much . like 1 ETH equivalent to 100$ , sometimes 1 eth equivalent to 58k $ .
    (this creates some difficulties in using test net as when ETH was so much undervalued i have to deposit atleast 2 ETH to try different features of testnet and although its free money but claiming that much testnet ETH is hard as faucet are not working )
    This may be temporary issues in testnet but hope this may not be incase of mainnet.

  2. While selling NFT we have to click CONFIRM twice as clicking first time doesnt work but second time it works . some of mine friends also faces that issues so it wasnt only me.

  3. It will be easy if there will be search option for NFT on basis of price like Lowest price to highest price, newest to oldest and so on …

Other than that everything seems good.