#V3 Testnet Feedback# my honest feedback

L2wallet: L2wallet of the V3testnet is very smooth and works very fine.I just loved it very much. Depositing from L1 to L2 is fast and is okay i would say (it took me around~5mins).The send feature works nice nicely,transacting between 2 L2 addresses is blazingly fast and Im highly impressed by this(it took less than a 1 sec i guess to confirm).However,while withdrawing funds from L2 to L1 is slow(it took me more than an hour to reflect in L1 wallet),i hope and i know this will be improved with time.

L2Trade:The swap feature work very good and is also blazingly fast.
L2pool:Liquidity pool is working fine,I am able to add and remove liquidity perfectly fine,again its very fast.

NFT:Minting NFTs is fast and is working very fine.I have bought 3 nfts,uploaded and minted 1 and sold 2 nfts for a very good price,overall it is a very good experience.However,I have to check manually my NFT is sold successfully or not in my L2wallet and in my NFT>Transactions section.

Explorer:The zks explorer is very beautiful and it looks very intuitive.Its the best block explorer I have come across till now.The UI is the best.I just Loved it :heart:.

Mining:Iā€™m using Rinkeby testnet and the mining section is just not working at all.

More:I have tried listing 2 different pairs of custom token and was able to do it very smoothly.I was also able to add liquidity to it.

Overall,the experience was very good.But I felt the NFT marketplace is lacking something.Maybe,some more feature can be added in future,and I hope for the best for ZKSv3.All the best.

My L2 wallet address: 0x2cD349EdB914E483A83E1cA44171d15167EE3233

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