#V3 Testnet Feedback# My own experience participating a v3 testnet

Quite an interesting project. As far as I can tell, against the backdrop of the gaining momentum, the NFT-boom, we will see more and more such projects.
I took part in testing ZKSwap V3. Overall, the App left a pretty good impression. Despite the fact that I did not take part in the previous tests, this version of the Application turned out to be quite good.
The user interface is pretty well thought out and worked out. Styles and colors are thoughtful and pleasing. The interface is made responsive - it behaves quite well on narrow screens.
I really liked that in case of idleness or reopening of the tab containing the Application, access to the Application is blocked.
I really liked the block with the history of transactions located on the Wallet page.
I was pleased with the wide range of features of the Application.

  1. Wallet and funds.
  • The application has, in fact, 2 wallets. The first is for ERC20 tokens, the second is for NFT tokens, which the user can either create himself or buy on the built-in exchange.
  • In addition, the wallet allows you to deposit, send or write off tokens (both ERC and NFT)
  • The list of recent transactions can be conveniently scrolled thanks to the vertical scroll bar that appears when the block of the desired height is reached.
  • If the user has a need to forcibly update the value of the assets in the wallet, he can do this without refreshing the entire page, but click on the special button “Refresh” located to the right of the amount on the account in the ERC wallet.
  1. Trade and exchange operations
  • The user can perform a standard exchange operation, implying the exchange of one token for another, at a fixed price
  • The user has the opportunity to organize his own Liquidity Pool. To do this, he needs to select 2 tokens and load from to his account, in the application.
  1. Creation and purchase of NFT tokens
  • The user can independently create his own NFT token based on a picture, video or audio file.
  • The user can go to the token store and buy a ready-made token. Prices are very different.
  1. Explorer transactions (well, where can I do without it)
  • Standard Transaction Explorer
  1. Mining
  • Unfortunately, at the moment, this section is not functional.
  1. Other links

BUT, there are some issues i.e.: https://v3.zks.app/en/nft. Metamask won’t connect to an App, dev. tools/console returns an error “TypeError: n.setAttribute is not a function.”

My L2 wallet 0x7aa556c8ad11d233ae18d03e43dc9457dfe98191