#V3 Testnet #Feedback , my review 09th dec

today it’s 3 days in testing v3.zks.app and it’s my review about this system

there is just 1 language available , I think we need more langs like french or russian .
L2 Wallet: everything is simple and easy you have what you need, there is also an option to see L2 Total Assets, and also you can see your NFT collections with just a click.

Deposit to L2 is also so simple and easy and it doing very fast, and also you can see your Transactions history.

Swap option is also made so easy and fast and you just need to choose your pair and done.

NFT , in nft I had some problems.
in the main page, there is no option to sort NFTs in cheaper or newest or oldest .
its only a search option but it need to be more usable by options like sort , maybe a guy like me searching for the cheapest NFTs,
also the search option doesn’t work with keywords.
also the NFTs title or the creator Title is confusing I mean you don’t know which one is this .

BUYING NFT : is some confusion, you click on BUY button it shows you a confirm button then a Rule page pops up again you should Confirm its better to attach term pages to the first confirm page, but alsonow in this time 10 USD is so high GAS FEE to buy a NFT.
MINT NFT option is also very good but there is a character limit for NFT title it should be 64chars
also the About this NFT need to be more longer, now supports 200 chras.
sell nft button can be in a better place. but selling function is so good and easy.
MY profile page is also good but it would have better categories.
Collect: , Create: are there but sold & bought items also is good option for there.
Explorer item is also good and completed I think.


we need share to facebook and twitter OPtion for NFT pages to share nfts to social media to increase sells

well something is bothering me is there is not a notification or something when NFT sells