#V3 Testnet Feedback# my test by xunshanjiang

hi dear my name is xunshanjiang

A cryptocurrency practitioner. Layer2, this is not unique to encryption. Generally speaking, this is true for many people who do eth layer 2. But I’m willing to bet that the failure rate of other projects is higher than zkswap. Most encryption projects are simply garbage.

Many projects that look “good” (or at least not terrible) in the white paper and may even successfully complete ICO projects will soon find that their ideas are not so good after all. Although these teams may work hard and try to move forward in the bear market, they often whip a dead horse.

Zkswap is really a dark horse

i had try v3 test,this is my advise:

I think the NFT market still lacks many functions. I have used opensea. You can see the price ranking of NFT, such as floor price, maximum price, and transaction orders in the market. In addition, the validity period function of hanging order quotation has not been added. I think L2 the most important thing is cheap gas and rapid confirmation. A lot of work does not need to be more than innovation, I can do a lot of work on fork opensea, and then add some innovation. I have reason to believe that at a time when Ethereum is becoming more and more congested, although NFT trading platform based on non Ethereum public chain is rising, with zkswap launched earlier, there will be a place.

B. Is there any progress in the Multi Chain deployment of zkswap transaction? There are some agreements competing with zkswap: according to defi llama data, sushi swap has been launched, including public chains such as polygon and BSC, and larer2 chains such as arbitrum, with a total of 13 chains, ranking first in multi chain layout projects. This makes sushi swap’s TVL ranked 10th, about $5.2 billion. In addition, beefy, eik and wepiggy have launched 6 chains, curve has launched 5 chains, and cream and dodo have launched 4 chains. Just staying in the current state is obviously not conducive to zkswap’s future development. If you want to develop better, you need to break the information island and strengthen the connection with users. At the moment of “ten thousand chain Contention”, it is obvious that multi chain expansion is a good choice for zkswap the future.

C. In the NFT transaction, whether we can add super administrators for copyright protection, harmony with some political content, and content review. I found that some pictures are vague and easy to infringe. I feel that there is no mechanism for copyright protection above. Some of the content is not in line with the NFT community

ths- my zkswap L2 adress:0xcb32A7c66559dCE6Fc134b62cD001AD5C0f33A7E

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