#V3 testnet feedback# my test zkswap

I tested the V3 version on zkswap on December 3. I have been paying close attention to the progress of ZKS and have experienced two 1:1 airdrops. I participated in the running test and bug test of V1 test network and the experience test of v2. I locked my warehouse for 180 days. I watched pot mine and saw it land on Huo coin and okex. It can be said that I have witnessed the trough and glory.

The biggest feature of this V3 version is the sale of NFT. The popularity of NFT this year has not only driven the rapid development of the original NFT market, but also affected many blockchain games. NFT trading on opensea is too expensive for users. Zkswap V3 will support NFT distribution, casting and airdrop. In this way, the cost of sub gas will become very low, which is very suitable for us. At the same time, ZKS is also a token arranged on the second floor of eth, and the transactions on other tokens are also very cheap.

Test summary:

  1. I don’t know if there is a problem with the wallet wake-up. I can’t test the casting NFT

  2. The wallet recharge is very fast. My eth recharge has passed in about 5 minutes

  3. The purchase of NFT gas on the second floor is really cost-effective, and the experience is very smooth.

  4. Layer 2 can also send NFT gas very low flow

  5. Is there any official NFT or other ZKS that can send one,hhhh–

  6. I hope you can launch the V3 main network as soon as possible. I can’t wait to use it

my l2 adress:0x819bB626D63fdB0EbBf053738C761f422050842D

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I successfully purchased the NFT and saw it in the L2 wallet. Now I decided to try to extract it from L2 to L1 and succeeded.

hi L1 has not sell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: