#V3 Testnet Feedback# - My Thoughts

I’ve been excited to take part in the Testnet and see what ZKS was all about.
Here are my thoughts so far on the site and functions.

      The tutorial to follow was well done and I had no problem locating the Rinkeby Test Network via Meta mask. The faucet sites provided is where I began to run into some issues. The ETH faucet provided no longer gave tokens for Rinkeby, only other Testnets. After searching around I was finally able to locate a site that would distribute small amounts of test ETH for Rinkeby and acquired the ETH. The ZKS/USDT was easily obtained via the link provided.

After receiving the test tokens I logged onto the ZKSwap site and tried out Minting and purchasing NFTs. The minting was straight forward although I wouldn’t have known I could switch payment methods in settings if the tutorial hadn’t told me so. After a couple of attempts I was able to update my profile and then successfully mint an NFT.
After this I swapped some ZKS for DAI to try out the functionality. I also provided some liquidity to the ETH/ZKS pair.
Overall the experience was smooth and easy. The site needs more work to tighten things up a bit but overall I never got confused about what I was doing. Maybe add optional color schemes but that’s just cosmetics.
The only things I can suggest are possibly letting users decide on separate layouts for the wallets display. I had to scroll down to see all of my assets when in the wallet page. Th balance took up a sizable amount of the screen. I would like to have the balance and all assets owned on screen at the same time.

I like the layout of the wallet and the easy access to funds/swap/and NFTs but just minor changes.
Hopefully ZKSwap can add something new, people are interested in a metaverse or land/space sales. Perhaps a virtual gallery where people can display their NFTs.

Metamask wallet: