#V3 Testnet Feedback# My thoughts

I am reviewing the ZKswap Testnet experience using the Rinkeby test network.
The main issue that I had did not revolve around making swaps to layer 2 it mainly concerned instructions on getting my funds into my Metamask wallet in place. I did finally find the help instructions on the ZKswap page however it took several days for me to walk myself through funding the testnet wallet with ETH & USD.
The main point that I would like to express, as I am semi new to the who crypto layer two is the importance of walkthrough videos to aid my experience on the platform. I would suggest a video explaining the technology and then where we go from here with a roadmap. I would also suggest a walkthough of how to make the swaps and mint the NFT’s. As I said i did eventually figure it all out however when actually using real real funds and not the test net I would have been much more hesitant to play around with the system without clear instructions.
Overall, I did appreciate the simple clean layout of the interface and the layer one to layer two swap screen. It was not busy and made interaction simple and straightforward. Secondly, the ease at which I was able to min my own NFT was quite surprising. I kept thinking that there had to be more to it but there was not. Again, the simple interface that did not let you miss a step was great for ease of use.
To wrap it up I was impressed with the slim sleek simple design of the App. The minting and layer one to layer two funds transfer was seamless and easy. The only downside that I experienced was in funding my wallet and understanding the actual reasoning behind why I was completing each step of the process. I believe that additional walk though videos where there is a live person going step by step though each process so you can see their screen and copy their exact actions would greatly help usage and adoption to Zkswap usage

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