#V3 Testnet #Feedback new era in v3 zks

hi team, thank you zks for presenting a very complete v3 for us, here I want to start my experience with v3 that the zkswap v3 application is very extraordinary getting better and better with each update, the long-awaited needed functions are also present with the addition of this nft market and everyone showed up to try it. from the design it is quite interesting here It is clear that the team is working on the project seriously to bring out the best for us. I’m very happy to try v3 and explore the nft market where in v3 it is very complete to look for all types of nft and my input would be good if the price of nft was the same as all in zks coins and surely this would be very positive for the price of zks itself because in This v3 will be a lot of people who want to try the nft feature, ok the team is just that and a little input from me, and hopefully zks can be better known by the presence of this v3.