#V3 Testnet #Feedback NEW

When ZKSwap announced the Testnet V3 program, I was ecstatic; I heard about it on Twitter and quickly tried it.
There, I tried dex swap and entered the Liquidity Pool, and everything went smoothly, even though the liquid was still small when we tried Swap, but that’s okay because we’re still in the experimental stage. Also, don’t forget that at ZKSwap V3, they launched the NFT market, and we can mint NFT and sell it with your creative images at a low cost because we use it on Layer 2.
In the course of utilizing it, I tested it for the first time because there weren’t many ZKS and USDT in it, so I wanted to locate a commodity with a reasonable price, but as time passed, the commodity’s price increased significantly.

The wallet interface was great, but you can’t upload a picture via drag&drop, only via search, and once you upload a picture, there’s no way to delete it and upload another, and thirdly, add options for multiple mints rather than single, but there were still a few minor lags, and I couldn’t mint nft because it initially showed insufficient balance and later on it showed sufficient balance, but there were still a few minor lags and I couldn’t mint