#v3 testnet #feedback NFT-Test-feedback

#v3 testnet #feedback

My L2 address tested the following:0x95F357ba8De42090DaF892C727B8a716fBf418a0

Here is my tweet :https://twitter.com/Flora_1993/status/1468567195630194688

According to this tutorial, I mainly completed the testing of NFT related functions. Layer2 NFT Tutorial English

on Rinkeby

  1. Claim via faucet
  2. Deposit
  3. Mint NFT
  4. NFT Mall
  5. Buy NFT

The following results:

  1. The faucet is broken. I can’t get the ETH and can’t continue test until I ask my friend for some rinkeby-ETH.(As shown in Figure 1)

  2. The deposit function is very easy to use. There seems to be no problem.

  3. Mint NFT,overall process is smooth, but there are some small problems.

  • The disclaimer when minting NFT was so inconspicuous that it took a long time to find it.(As shown in Figure 2)
  • The NFT title is too long and the error information is not specific. Specific fields should be indicated.(As shown in Figure 3)
  • In the last step, when I cancel the signature in metamask, an unknown error is reported.(As shown in Figure 4)
  1. The overall function of browsing NFT is smooth, with a little problem.
  • I only clicked the user page button, but every time I turned the page, it was displayed.(As shown in Figure 5)
  • It can only be retrieved through NFT ID. can you add a name or topic to search, and can you add a sort by price function.
  1. When purchasing NFT, the user’s notice is not obvious, and there is little visual difference whether it is checked or not.(As shown in Figure 6)

Conclusion: Although I listed some small bugs, the overall use feels very smooth and sensitive. It is a very easy-to-use product. I look forward to its launch on the main network as soon as possible.

#v3 testnet #feedback

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