#V3 testnet #feedback nice V3

Very cool testnet V3 trial…from the wallet view it’s very good and interesting… Also the features in V3 are very good and support for all of us a lot of features.
so nice zks

… 1. swap application that can directly connect to all etherium networks is very good, fast and easy to do swap. amazing

  1. we can make NFT transactions easily, we can sell or buy available NFT, which we need… There are many more, very cool for the V3 testnet…
    good luck for zkswap

hopefully it will continue to be the best, according to what we all need with various satisfying features…thank you for zkswap, success always we all wish the best for zkswap :pray::+1:
Is the best for zkswap…good luck
Nice zkswap…
My wallet: