#V3 testnet #feedback #Ok

There are alot of things to know in crypto space and have to learn first and then u will have some bucks.
There are severals things in crypto space like use of Defi protocols and how to use it. How to trade in Defi Exchanges and then testnet product lunched and people get test it first that and how to use it. But Now its time for NFT in crypto space and ZKswap gives you a opportunity to those people which do not understand the meaning of NFT and how to buy or sell it or layer 2 solution of Ethereum.

Zkswap Now lunch ZKswap V3 testnet NFT platfoam and this was better for those wo did not make any trade in layer 2 solution and Zkswap makes you feel easy to use and learn about layer 2 solution and do their first test.

And only Zkswap V3 testnet and airdropping to early users.

V2 Address: 0xb601f54B0E357561aB1F8Ed68C57690b94eAfefF


Please note:

  1. The events will run for 2 weeks from 7 AM December 1st, 2021 to 7 AM December 14th, 2021 (UTC). Any activity that occurs outside of this two-week window will be deemed as test data and not applicable for rewards.