#V3 Testnet #Feedback on ZKSwap

I don’t remember how I stumbled into ZKSwap initially. The faucet was not working and I didn’t have tokens to play around with. I tried Paradigm Multifaucet and it gave me a few tokens to experiment with. Even though the UI is minimalistic and very user-friendly, I was slightly confused at the beginning, especially the Deposit feature. However, this was not the fault of the platform itself but of the way how faucet interacted with the wallet.
The original ZKSwap faucet is functional lately and I was able to get tokens. Now, the faucet directly deposited ZKS and USDT tokens to my L2 account on Rinkeby Network. I was then able to experience the flexibility and the efficiency of the platform here. I am impressed with the ease of minting NFT and how swiftly I am able to access my wallet in comparison to other sites that I have tried. L2 apps are probably the best solution for the fees that are charged in L1 right now.
The main problem that I got was that the UI of the app wasn’t responsive at times. Like when switching tabs from the Navigation Bar, sometimes the website needed to be reloaded to display data. I have also run into another UI problem where I was not able to access My Profile sometimes. However, in face of what developers are trying to achieve using this project, these are just minor issues. I think they have managed to provide the solution to the bigger problem that existed. I don’t have any idea where L2 will be going when L1 will come with its gas solution. Whether they will co-exist together or L2 will be obsolete, this question will be answered when the time comes. As of right now, the problem that is being solved using this technology cannot be undervalued.
Developers are trying to push the ecosystem in the right direction and their efforts should be very much appreciated. This project is one of the many stepping stones towards the future of blockchain that is ahead.

**Address :0x38e02101c9f24e2dddaccc8a12629e0023f12c8a

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