#V3 Testnet feedback# our pride zkswap

I am with zkswap since January. I saw many up and down. But I am still here.because i believe one day it will fly. And I think the day has come. Because it launched their own nft marketplace. This is not only nft. This is more than that. Because they launch nft marketplace on layer 2. You know what is layer2? Yup you guess the right thing. Layer2 is the thing where you can buy, sell and create your nft without gas fees. On the other nft marketplace they charge you more than 200 usdt fee for minting nft and anothers 100 usdt for just listing on the marketplace. But here you can mint, buy and sell your nft for just five dollars. Yes you heard it right you just need 5 dollars for all of things.

The features of the nft marketplace are awesome. It is super fast to mint nft. I created my nft in just ten seconds. And sell my nft for fifty dollars. That was a great feeling. Because this was my first NFTs. And I launched it on the marketplace.

There are some bugs available. I didn’t find any filter option in the nft dashboard. I think it is necessary. It will help people to find nft. I also test the swap features that was great. It was super cool and faster than other platforms because it is in layer 2. But I think there should be more coin available in the pool and enough liquidity for swapping. Also i think there should be a separate option for auction. Because this is digital art and art should be put on auction. If bidding options are enabled it will be huge for sellers and buyers. It will increase more users. That’s it. Hope team will consider it.