#v3 testnet #feedback perfect v3

After I did a testnet on V3, which I found very interesting in my opinion from the first time I made a swap transaction which was pretty smooth and perfect, in my opinion… The transaction is easy, fast and easy for me to understand, like the swap that I experienced when I tested on V2, but the swap in V3 is much smoother in my opinion and more perfect than the V2 that I did 2 months ago. While what’s interesting to me is that this project is accompanied by direct NFT printing, for us to do face-to-face buying and selling transactions directly, the transaction was quite difficult at first, but after I understood it turned out to be quite interesting and easy for me to live, if new users might find it difficult do NFT transactions here, but I’m sure if you want to understand it will be easier to understand…hope for me personally, and maybe all of us hope that in V3 this will be a swap and NFT transaction that is better than the others, and hopefully on a better launch actually later it will continue to run smoothly like now what I did testnet in this V3, it could even be better…thank you, this is my experience doing testnet in this V3, good luck always Make V3 :heart::heart::heart:love V3 my l2 : 0x3fAf0e58e62E301312f580E8B15B62333CfF87f6