#V3 Testnet Feedback#Pool ===>gas fee is too high

  1. I think ETH deposit takes too long if using rinkeby more than 15 minutes and exceeds 900 Block Confirmations and if using Goerli ETH deposit only takes a few minutes and several confirmation blocks.
  2. I was quite happy with the swap speed on ZKSwap but this fun was lost after trying the Pool feature. I added liquidity and saw a very high gas fee of around 0.3 ETH. it’s too high for etherium gas fee with test token.
  3. I am very happy to use the NFT feature in ZKSwap. The features are complete, easy to understand and very easy to use and very easy to sell NFT on ZKSwap.

Wallet address : 0x63Db8CEB5648CA7FBF70598e1C747FA28C07ce46