#V3 Testnet #feedback powerfull feature v3

testnet ZKSwap V3 ,more and more improvements and growing rapidly with the arrival of nft market i really give a big appreciation to zks and team and here too I would like to note some points after using various features in testnet v3
Hopefully the long awaited waiting time for deposit and coin listing time will be solved when the mainnet will go live
user interference is attractive and looks cool too. providing liquidity and clearing liquidity is working fine and my first swap completed but last time when i went to swap from ETH to ZKS after clicking swap i saw the trading value between coins it was not the same as the current market i dunno this is a bug or not but the team need making it must be right and right, and after I tried to open the mining option I didn’t see the features of the mining on my android and it was blank, but overall I admit it was very good and simple where the nft feature was very good inside it was very simple and impressed luxury. what I want the most in the color and graphic theme section of v3 is that it should be equated with v2, which in my opinion, v2, the color theme and graphics are better to look at than v3, so in my opinion, the color and graphic themes in v3 should be equated with v2. ok thanks zks and team for presenting v3 for us


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