#v3 testnet #feedback progress for Zkswap with V3

there have been many developments and very fast progress from ZKSwap.

The progress made by the team from zks is indeed very good, and extraordinary. By doing various trials in various swap applications, such as trust wallet and now Metamask, As long as I follow and follow the programs carried out by zks there are always significant improvements and changes, very good, And all the programs that I do in my opinion are very optimal because zks now it is widely known among the wider community, with a lot of testing as before when V2 was also very good, and now the V3 that I am doing with Metamask testnet is also very good, from all payment systems Very good DEX. NFT buying and selling which in my opinion is also very perfect, many are familiar with zkswap and many have used zks. With the inclusion of zkswap in L2, I think in the near future zks will skyrocket and be able to compete with other leading coins. In this testnet I found a lot of difficulties in accessing V3, but in the end it all can be resolved. I hope hopefully in the near future zkswap will find its best performance and become a superior coin that is in great demand among cryptocurrencies around the world…so that the name of the maker of zks will become global just like BTC by Sathosi nakamoto…go ahead zks and zkswap may you continue to prosper

Wallet; 0x05Ad625D7FdD671DF226991F4eF281878BB9eA17