#V3 Testnet Feedback# Respost as I'm an idiot

Reposting as somehow used the wrong #

Hey, I’m relatively new to the whole space but thought I’d stop in and give some feedback while trying to get in on the airdrop at the same time :slight_smile: .

I found getting funds onto the layer2 wallet extremely easy, however, my 0.99 testnet eth was seemingly not enough to print an NFT (although I didn’t see any indication as to how much it would cost prior to being told I didn’t have enough)

I have then attempted to buy someone elses nft FOR .4 ETH, however, was met with a gas fee of 14.8 eth (and therefore couldn’t proceed)

Overall I like the look of the NFT mall, seems easy enough to navigate to the creator and NFT I’d wish to purchase. However, I do wonder how easy it is to search for a specific creator? Currently I only see the search function at an NFT ID level.

The mining tab is currently empty - assuming still being developed

That’s pretty much my review, but seeing as I need to write 300 words min I’ll just type a bit of how I found out about the project and airdrop.

Been watching the latest Crypto Banter podcast on youtube, Ellio brought up the ZK rollups. Was extremely confident that they were far superior to optmistic rollups removing the potential 1 week wait time with the dispute period.

I then searched for zk rollup airdrops and found this one at ZKSwap Airdrop » Claim 50 free ZKS tokens (~ $30) which provided a very easy step by step guide. And lastly I found your twitter :slight_smile:

Anyways not much more to add. Looking forward to the future, the project looks like it has insane potential and hope I can come along for the ride

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end

Gib - Hopeful Moon boy


Good for V3 is the best