#V3 Testnet #Feedback Smart understanding

Hello, dear administrator

  1. I’m using rinkeby to test the network on my computer, but the mining part doesn’t work at all.Try to list 2 pairs of different custom tokens, which can be completed very smoothly

  2. NFT market lacks some functions. I hope to add most features in the future. I want to zksv3 focus on the user experiencce.

  3. The creation, delivery and purchase of NFT cannot explain whether two identical NFTs will appear if I use the original drawings that have been issued and steal them, which cannot guarantee their fairness. There is no audit mechanism or white list. I hope officials will verify or manage it in the form of Dao.

  4. If NFT users use some for authoring, have they been reviewed? I thought of the crazy creation of users. It was sent and hyped by intentional users, and then discovered by the official. It has a great impact on the platform and has a bad reputation.

  5. Then I saw the comments of forum fans. There are no errors in the comments on the interface, but they need to be modified. For example, the color of the page. Here, I have to say that some users who set their browser to night mode are a little funny. When you set a page to night mode, you must view the color of the page. It’s a little funny. Of course, I don’t have any unfriendly ideas, just a separate comment. I hope the official can provide personalized features to allow users to modify the background of the website so as not to trigger their speech.

  6. I agree with you very much. The ZKS team can trade NFT at a very high speed with zero Commission. This is a good thing because using NFT tokens in exchange ZKS requires a lot of gasoline. I’m really looking forward to version 3.0 in order to use it permanently.
    Personally, I prefer to test uni.zksync.io and the whole zkswap. With the release of V3, it is necessary to connect more large exchanges and enter new markets. Everyone should know zkswap in an updated form. It’s unfair to hide from others.

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