#V3 Testnet Feedback# So stoked I wanna post rocket emojis!

Hey ZKswap!!
Overall I give the update an 8 out of 10 and once we go live I have no doubt it will be 10 out of 10! Its very cool and ease to use. I have been using ZKswap since V1 launched, after buying in at $7 and seeing the price tank after incentives were over was discouraging but this past year has been filled with update after update and there’s no doubt that ZKswap is here to stay! I’m not the least bit worried about price anymore and Im confident with the V3 launch were going straight to the moon just in time for the 1 year stake expiration! I cant wait to re-stake for another year on ZKswap V3! Good job guys! Happy Holidays!!
Received test tokens straight to L2 with no issues
Provided liquidity in ETH/ZKS, ETH/USDT and LINK/ETH pools with no issues
removed provided liquidity no issues
multiple swaps with no snags
removed liquidity to L1 and back to L2 with no issues
created 2 NFT’s one for the Christmas contest which has been bought and sold successfully on the NFT market multiple times but when I look for this NFT now I cannot locate it on the platform and when I try to follow it I get a page with the numbers “500”
Bought and sold 2 NFT’s smoothly.
The my profile button does not work on every page, so in order to access it I had to choose “sell NFT” then go to my profile from there. The NFT marketplace needs a Filter added to sort NFTs by price etc. please add this feature.

Thank you for helping move this thing forward!!