#V3 Testnet Feedback#Successful upgrade of v3

Feedback after the test
V3 This is once again for a more perfect upgrade operation. Faced with a severe test, ZKS wap faced loopholes. Our big family can once again help ZKSwap find the source of the problem
Creation of NFT
It’s very easy to create NFT without thinking about it, but most of the ones recommended to me are those I don’t like. If I go to find it, it will be a bit slow and long. I didn’t see the products I like, and there is no strict classification of it.
I have found a low-quality NFT, and many recommend me, if there can be more supervision
When I added it, I found that it was not possible to add MP4, and I think I should not be able to use the rest of the format.
Users cannot price NFT well.
The works cannot be well protected,
The cost of filing is more expensive
Sometimes the transaction fails. The reason for the failure is that the gas is not enough, but it can be submitted successfully.
When buying NFT, it will be slower or stuck
When I finish the transaction, the platform balance is very slow to show the actual balance, even if I refresh the webpage, it’s the same
NFT add filter function
NFT can add copyright protection function
NFT can add multiple works to package
NFT add collection, similar to shopping cart function
NFT can add more formats

     The cost of withdrawing to L1 can be reduced a bit
     L2 balance display problem can be more efficient
     L2 can add more tokens so that users can diversify their payments

In the long wait, we still ushered in the V3 upgrade, its benefits must be heard by everyone, its security is also very high level.
ZKS wap finally changes the world


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