#V3 Testnet #Feedback suggestion

  1. This is a function that most users will not choose to use, but they can’t confirm whether they log in on their mobile phone. The recording pause and segmented recording functions are added.
  2. The current interface is a blessing for new users. I think it is a very bad choice to put all functions in the last project. For example, the function of forum is very important. My proposal is only a personal opinion and does not represent the public. I hope the official can accept IT.
  3. I don’t know if there will be a website jam. This has something to do with the network . I hope the official can improve the network speed of the website.
    My judgment is found through my different tests. Of course, the ZKS network speed is enough now. My personal opinion does not represent the majority of people.
  4. Have you found that the current gas is too unfriendly, which is still too high for us Xiaobai. I hope the official can give us a good price, hehe.
    I’m here to solve some problems and solutions due to bugs. I hope you don’t use them. Hey hey
  5. The interface button will be stuck and cannot be moved, but this time the interface is more concise and very friendly to new userrs.
  6. You can get the view key next to the NFT purchase key of other users in the platform
  7. I didn’t create a successful NFT here and made an unknown error. I’m very sorry that I failed to complete the test of this NFT. A small number of users may be like me. I really hope that the official can help us a small number of users to answer and provide methods. As a little white, every word proposed here is meant to be said to the official…
  8. I remember that I was so happy when I saw V3, but I couldn’t sell NFT, which made me disappointed. Sobbing.
    Some bugs don’t often appear, or can’t be reproduced, or only appear in the user, but not in the development side.
    Developers do not eliminate bugs, but only give feedback:
  9. Clear browser cache
  10. Change browser
  11. Change the computer
  12. Using mobile network access

Here I wish ZKS a big fire, surpassing any platform, and I will silently support ZKS. I will always be your fan,hehe.

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